AZ’s HW#2: Food and Coffee During the Civil War

What fascinates me most about the Civil War soldier’s diet is that the soldiers are heavily reliant on coffee. The soldiers would drink coffee whenever they feel like it, even during combat. Coffee was being made constantly with anything they could find. Coffee was made with water, puddles, mud, and even other liquids that even a horse wouldn’t drink. Coffee was sometimes accompanied by other foods such as beef and oysters but sometimes it would also be accompanied by raw pork and maggoty hardtack, which sounds very disturbing. Coffee became like a drug for the soldiers and many of the soldiers, not just the Union soldiers but even the Confederate soldiers, were desperate for it. Due to the blockade by Union soldiers, the Confederate soldiers was not able to get coffee so they had to rob the Union soldiers or even substitute coffee with something else.

A food that I cannot live without would be instant noodles. They filled my stomach throughout the long night when I stayed up late.


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