David’s HW #2 – Food and Coffee During the Civil War

The most fascinating fact about the soldier’s diets during the civil war has to be the use of hardtack. Hardtack was used as the main foodstuff because it was inexpensive to reproduce, long-lasting and reasonably nutritious. I find it quite amazing that the soldiers were able to digest this brick of a cracker. I can only imagine how dry and hard it must’ve been to eat.

If I had to choose a food that I can’t live without, I would choose french fries. Although very unhealthy, they are a food that I can’t ever bring myself to hate.

source: https://www.insider.com/best-fast-food-fries-2017-7

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2 Responses to David’s HW #2 – Food and Coffee During the Civil War

  1. Who cares if they are unhealthy, bring on the potatoes.

  2. I love french fries, it’s one of those sides that I have to have whenever I order a burger, chicken sandwich and even nuggets. Even when I go on vacation to a resort, I still end up eating french fries. French fries have to be one of the best side dishes to ever be created.

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