HW#2 Food and Coffee During the Civil War- Eva Tse

The Soldiers had a limited amount of food to eat because they needed food to have an extended shelf life. Although they ate the fruits and vegetables in season, it still wasn’t enough to satisfy their hunger. On top of that, the soldiers had obtained diseases and some even died from unsanitary and raw foods. Hardtack filled their stomach up. I think Hardtack the soldiers ate during the Civil War is very fascinating because of how easy it was to make, with the use of flour, water, and salt, as well as the length of the shelf life. It was a nutritious thick cracker and can be indulged together with hot coffee. The soldiers view coffee as a crucial element to them during the war. Personally I don’t drink coffee, I prefer drinking green tea. The food I can’t live without is shrimp tacos.

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