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Fight Club Opening Scene

Fight Club Full Movie

Other than the fact that it’s my favorite movie, I chose fight club for this assignment because the movie starts with one of the last scenes of the movie which I think is genius because the viewer is automatically questioning everything- especially in fight club because the whole movie just messes with your head. The scene begins with the narrator saying “everybody is always asking me if I know Tyler Durden” then skips to him with a gun in his mouth, being asked if he would like to say a few words to mark the occasion. He then goes on talking about how the surrounding blocks will all be turned to dust in a matter of minutes and says “I know this because Tyler knows this”. This is one of the most important lines in the movie and personally, the first time I watched it I didn’t think twice about it but after watching it more I’ve noticed that he is constantly making slight hints to the crazy plot twist of the film.  I recommend everybody watch this movie if you haven’t already.