Homework #6

While watching Attia’s “fan” movie deconstruction, it was interesting to see the contrast of the film and what the locations look like now. By revisiting the locations of films, the audience gains an insight and can make deeper connections to visualize what it was like when filming the scenes. There are people who do not care enough to think about such things but for those who have an interest in film and the way they are made and put together, it creates a new way to observe from the director’s and cinematographer’s point of views. This perspective is beneficial because it displays the scenery and setting in a different way. We see the background as the director would and can understand why that location was chosen for a certain scene. For example in The Birds, we see an explosion by the gas station when the birds attack, by deconstructing the film and revisiting the location, the people see the “untouched” location and can truly appreciate the work of actors and all those involved in making the scene look as it did in the final product.

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