Distance Education

Getting started

Using the OpenLab, faculty can create courses to share materials, hold discussions, collect assignments, grade coursework, and more. The first step is creating an OpenLab account using your City Tech email address.

Join the OpenLab

My OpenLab

Once you’ve created an account, My OpenLab is where you create and access all your courses, projects, and clubs, change your settings, and generally manage your account.

  • Access My OpenLab by clicking on the link to the left of the top navigation bar or at the very right end of the main menu.
  • Learn more about My OpenLab.

Customize your OpenLab Member Profile

All OpenLab members have a public Profile on the OpenLab. Your OpenLab Profile contains information about yourself that you choose to share with the rest of the OpenLab community. You can see other members’ Profiles via the People directory.

You can customize your OpenLab profile at any time.

  • Log in and go to My OpenLab to customize your profile.
  • You can choose an profile image (avatar), write a bio, specify your title, office, and academic interests, and provide links to your email address and social media handles.

You decide how much or how little of your profile page to fill out. The following questions can guide you in the process:

  • How do I want to present myself online?
  • What information is useful to share with students, colleagues, and other professional contacts?
  • What contact information do I need to make available?
  • How often will I need to update my profile information, including my bio?

As you think through these questions, it can also help to look at examples from City Tech faculty members who have developed their profiles, such as Karen Goodlad and Laura Westengard.

Connect with the OpenLab Community

When you join the OpenLab, you can join different groups in the community.

  • All faculty and staff members receive an invitation to join the Office of the Provost’s project.
  • Join Open Pedagogy on the OpenLab to ask questions, share teaching materials, and ideas about teaching and learning on the OpenLab.
  • Join the Open Road to keep up with OpenLab news, office hours, events, and workshops.
  • There may be other projects in your own department, such as course coordination, advisement, department clubs, and others.
  • You can contact OpenLab members by visiting their Member Profile and clicking on Send Message or Request Friendship.

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