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What is the OpenLab?

Welcome to the OpenLab!

If you find you have a question that isn’t answered in our help section, would like to know more about what you find here, or have any requests, please contact us at any time.

What is the OpenLab?

The OpenLab is an online community where City Tech students, faculty, and staff meet to learn, work, and share. Its goals are to support teaching and learning, enable connection, and strengthen the life of the college community.

And unlike many online educational systems, the OpenLab allows its members a look at what’s going on around City Tech.  It gives students a sense of what’s happening in other departments, majors, and classes, and a way to search for and join physical and virtual clubs and other groups.  It gives faculty access to an array of teaching tools, styles and methods, from all disciplines.  By creating a digital campus to extend and compensate for the largely commuter nature of our population, the OpenLab is growing and fostering community across City Tech.

Anyone at City Tech can join, anyone can share, anyone can create a site, project, club, or portfolio.  And it’s not limited to current-semester in-classroom activities:

  • You can create a club or website based on any interest, at any time
  • You can learn how to create courses and teach using the OpenLab before using it in an actual term
  • You can join just to meet members, communicate with colleagues, and make friends.

Here’s how to get started!

The OpenLab has also been created for the City Tech community by a team that includes and depends on City Tech faculty, staff, and current and former students. If you’d like to be involved please contact us at any time.



The OpenLab is part of a five-year initiative at City Tech called “A Living Laboratory: Revitalizing General Education for a 21st-Century College of Technology,” funded by the U. S. Department of Education, under its Strengthening Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI) Title V Program. Learn more about the “Living Lab.”


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