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  • Embedding Miro boards

    Embedding a board from Miro is very simple! Just like other types of embeds, you simply need to paste the URL. 1. Copy the URL of the board, which should look something like this: 2. Paste the URL on its own line in a paragraph block, or add an embed block and paste the […]

  • Expire Sticky Posts (Block)

    This is a very simple plugin that will allow sticky posts (posts that you want to “stick” to the top of a page) to expire on their own. Once expired, they will move down the page to appear in reverse chronological order like any other post. 1. Go to Dashboard > Plugins to activate […]

  • Adding a Course, Project, or Club to Favorites

    The Favorites feature allows any logged-in member of the OpenLab to bookmark courses, projects, and clubs. You don’t have to be a member to save to Favorites. When you visit the profile of a project or course, a button will appear beneath the avatar that says Add to Favorites. 1. In order to favorite a […]

  • August 2022 Password Reset

    For the safety of your account, all City Tech OpenLab passwords were reset on August 9, 2022.  If you have not yet set a new password for your account, or if you have forgotten your password, reset it now, following the instructions below. BEFORE YOU BEGIN:  To reset your password you will need access […]

  • Mammoth .docx Converter

    This plugin allows you to transfer content from Microsoft Word to a WordPress site more easily, without losing formatting. In addition, any accessibility-related changes, such as alt text and heading styles, that you’ve added to your document will be preserved. 1. Activate Mammoth .docx converter in Dashboard > Plugins. 2. When writing or editing a post […]

  • Watu Pro Quiz Plugin

    To get started, go to Plugins, in the left-hand menu of your Dashboard, and activate Watu PRO. Add New Quiz 1. Go to Watu PRO > Quizzes in the left-hand menu of your Dashboard. 2. Click Create New Quiz. 3. Give your quiz a name. You can also add a description if you’d like. […]

  • Making a Course, Project, or Club Non-Joinable

    Any public or private group on the OpenLab can be made non-joinable. You can also think of this as a group being made invitation-only. However, this only affects who can become a member of the group; who can view the group and its content still depends on the group’s privacy settings.  For example, a public, […]

  • Course Acknowledgements

    Much work on the OpenLab is collaborative: members co-create projects and courses, clone groups and OERs that others have created, use model courses that others have created as templates, and draw inspiration from others’ work. There are two different ways to acknowledge past sources for your group.  If you have cloned a group, acknowledgements to […]

  • Importing Students as Members of your Course

    This feature allows you to automatically add students with existing OpenLab accounts to your course using a list of student emails. 1. Go to your Course Profile > Membership.2. Click Invite New Members. 3. At the bottom of the page is an option for Import Members to Your Course. 4. Here you can paste a […]

  • Cloning a Club

    Cloning a club will create an exact copy of an existing club, keeping all content created or uploaded by an admin, but any work created by club members will not be copied over.  The club avatar, club settings, and site settings will all remain the same, although you can change anything as necessary. 1. After […]