My OpenLab

Editing your profile

1. After logging in to the OpenLab, click My OpenLab.

2. Click Edit Profile.

Editing Profile screen shot

3. Here you can make changes to any of the fields that you’d like, for example, academic interests, bio, or add information to any fields that you haven’t yet. Note that all information you add here is public and may appear in a search for your name, so consider this when you are deciding how to fill out your profile.

5. You can edit existing social media links you’ve already added on your profile by clicking on the field and changing it. To remove one of your social media links, click the minus symbol. To add a new social media link, click the plus symbol, select the platform, and add the URL or username.

Social media interface with minus button to the right of the URL or username field and the plus icon beneath all social link fields.

6. When you’re finished, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.  

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