Sites on the OpenLab

What is a “Site” on a Course, Project, Club, or Portfolio?

You can create a site on the OpenLab to provide an additional online presence for your course (faculty only), project, or club where you can create content (e.g., blog posts), maintain content (e.g., a syllabus, project description, or club mission statement), and engage in discussion with other site users.

1. To create a site for a course (faculty-only), project, or club, log in to the OpenLab and click My OpenLab in the main menu.  On the following screen, click the appropriate category for which you would like to create a site (i.e., My Courses, My Projects, My Clubs).

My OpenLab Screenshot

2. Click + Create a Course (faculty-only), + Create a Project, or + Create a Club.

My OpenLab Create Screenshot

3. After you have filled in the necessary information, you will be given the option of creating a new site, using an existing site, or using an external site.  To create a new site, check the box next to “Create a Site?” at the bottom of your screen.

Create a Site Screenshot

4. Enter a title (also the URL) for your new site.  You can also, if you choose, link the Course, Project or Club to an already existing external (non-OpenLab) site.  Then click Create Course and Continue (faculty-only), Create Project and Continue, or Create Club and Continue.

5. Note: If you do not wish to create your own site, you also have the option of joining a site created by someone else.  If you are a student, you can also join a site that has been created for a course in which you are enrolled.  You can also change or add a site to your course (faculty-only), project, or club at a later time by going to your Course, Project or Club’s Profile page, and clicking Settings in the right hand menu.