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What is a Project on the OpenLab?

Students, faculty, and staff can develop projects individually or together to represent a range of activities at City Tech. A project can be academic or social in nature. For example, students collaborating on a class assignment may choose to create a project where they work together on documents and have discussions, eventually building a full Site to display their work.  Other members of the City Tech community might create a project to demonstrate research completed as part of a grant project, and faculty might create a project for a learning community.  Each project offers a Discussion forum, Docs for collaborative editing, a place to upload Files, and a Site where members can write posts (blog entries), provide feedback, and share files and other resources.

Project Profile

Every project has a Profile and a Site.  The Profile is like a portal for the project, displaying an avatar (profile picture), project description, list of members, and access to Discussion, Docs, Files, and the Project Site, and for administrators, access to admin settings.

Project Profile Screen Shot

If a project is private, non-members will only see the avatar and description, as well as a link to the Project Site, which can be either private or public.  OpenLab members who are signed in can request membership, but cannot join without approval of an administrator.

Project Profile Private Screen Shot

Project Site

Project Sites, built with the open source blogging platform WordPress, provide a robust space for conversation, collaboration, and sharing.  Project members can write posts, participate in discussions, and share documents.  Different types of files can be posted on a site, including Word docs, PDFs, images, video, and audio.  If the site is public, it is a great way to communicate a project’s work or findings to the City Tech community and even the broader public.

Project Site Screen Shot

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