Courses, Projects, and Clubs

“Files” are documents that members can upload to the group. Unlike “Docs,” “Files” are static and cannot be commented on and can only be edited by the group Administrator or the member who originally uploaded the file. Files are a good place to put things that will be useful resources to the group but aren’t intended to be collaborative projects like “Docs.” Some examples of an appropriate use of the “Files” area would be the syllabus or assignments for a course or a flyer that a club has put together. In order to upload, edit, or delete a file you need to first be logged into your account on the Openlab.

Uploading a File

1. From your Course, Project, or Club’s profile page click Files in the right-hand menu.

Using Files Screen Shot

1.. On the “Files” page click Upload a New File.

Upload Files Screen Shot

1. To upload your file, click Browse to choose a file from your own computer. Then enter the Display Name, and the Description.

2. When you’re finished, click Submit.

Using Files Screen Shot

Viewing a File

1. From your Course, Project, or Club’s profile page click Files in the right-hand  menu.

Viewing Files Screen Shot

1.  On the “Files” page click the title of the File to open it. It will open in a new window in your browser.

Deleting or Editing a File

2. If you are the Adminstrator for your group or you uploaded the file itself you can edit or delete the file. From the Files page, click either Edit or Delete.

Edit Delete Files Screen Shot