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Discussion forums

Discussions, also called “Discussions Forums,” are one way you can communicate with other members of your group. You can post new topics in the discussion forums or reply to what others have posted. Discussion forums are a good place to ask questions, share resources, or have informal discussions. Discussion forums are available for all Courses, Projects, and Clubs. In order to start a new Discussion, comment on an existing discussion, or adjust your email notification settings on discussion topics you need to first be logged into your account on the Openlab.

If you are the Administrator of the Course, Project, or Club and do not wish to use the Discussion feature, you can disable it under Settings.

Starting a New Discussion on a Discussion Forum

1. From your Course, Project, or Club’s profile page click  Discussion in the right-hand menu.

Using Discussion Screen Shot

1. On the main Discussion page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter the Title and Content of your new topic post.  You can also add Tags and attach files.

2. When you’re finished, click Post Topic.

Discussion Post Topic Screen Shot

Commenting on Posts on a Discussion Forum

1. Click the topic from the main Discussion page.

Discussion Comment Screen Shot

1. Read the topic and type your reply in the Add a Reply box.

2. Click Post Reply.

3. To return to other discussion topics, click Course/Project/Club Discussion.

4. Or to go on to the next discussion topic, click Next Topic.

return to discussion screenshot