People on the OpenLab

Finding People on the OpenLab

You can find people on the OpenLab in several different ways.

1. You can find people by typing in a username or portion of a display name into the Search field in the upper right corner (just below the top menu) of any page, being sure that People is selected.

2. You can also search for people with some help by clicking People in the main menu.  You’ll be taken to a page which shows the latest active members of the OpenLab (which you could search through manually).  You can also use the right-hand menu to browse by alphabetical, newest, or last active members.  And you can filter by type (faculty, student, or staff).  Below that you can type display names into the search field as well, which works like step 1 (above).

3. If you’re not looking for anyone specific, or if you know the person that you’re searching for is likely to be on the OpenLab, or has recently been on the OpenLab, you’ll see that there are several places on the OpenLab where profile images appear based on who was last active.

One of these is the OpenLab home page…

Finding people screenshot 1

Finding people screenshot 2

And another is in My OpenLab, though this is a place where you can only find people you have already friended.  You can find your friends either at the bottom of your My OpenLab page (shown below), or by going to My OpenLab and clicking on My Friends in the right-hand menu.

Finding people screenshot 3