Good Evening everyone,

My name is Melissa Ortiz, I am coursing my third year of Electrical Engineer Technology here at City tech, I am also a transfer student from BCC. I am good with numbers, but, unfortunately, I don’t enjoy writing at all because it gives me anxiety. I am willing to give my best with the class and try to support as much as I can. I was born in the Dominican Republic and my hobby is to sleep while my daughter is not around. During the pandemic I lost my job and started being a full time mom to my 4 year old toddler. It was scary at the beginning because I didn’t know what to do since I am a single mom but I got my way through it and these past months have been amazing for both of us, discovering ourselves and spending as much time as we can.

This is a traditional plate in DR, it’s called “Mangu” and it’s also my favorite plate accompanied with Dominican sausage, fried white cheese, eggs and onions.
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