Below please find links and support materials to help you succeed in this course and beyond. If you don’t find the resources you’re looking for, email me or text me on Slack.

Creating a post on OpenLab:

There are also links to OpenLab help on our main page in the right sidebar.


  1. Go to When you get here, click on Register at the bottom, do the registration sign up, then use this code to Join the class/I am a student: BLAIN-UTQ9T.

This YouTube will show you how to use Perusall. Ignore the stuff about buying a book — everything’s already loaded for you. Just click on Assignments and find the one I assigned.

Here’s the help section of Perusall as well as more information on how to use it:

And here’s an example of Perusall in action.


overview of Workspace

Help with APA & technical writing genres

The Purdue OWL is the go-to for writing instructors. It not only will help you with citations, it also has samples of all kinds of writing genres, including technical reports.

This link is the general APA citation link:

And this is the link to the OWL technical writing section:

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