This week you’ll be finishing up your 500-word article summaries and doing the individual 750-word expanded definition of a term that’s important to doing your group’s technical report — the terms will be chosen by your Team so that everything will work together nicely.

I’m also going to direct your attention to the Instruction Manual assignment which isn’t actually due until the end of the term but is a great thing to work on when you have a little time (yeah, right).

Generally, it will go like this (individual assignments in italics, benchmark and due dates in bold):

  • We have an optional meet-up at on 6/8.
  • EOD 6/8: Perusall: Read and Annotate assignment “Proposals”500-word article summary due on the Google Drive.
  • EOD 6/8: Team decides on terms for the individual 750-word expanded definition.
  • EOD 6/9: 500-word article summary due.
  • EOD 6/14: Weekly private OpenLab post due EOD 6/14.
  • EOD 6/18: 750-word expanded definition: In the video (and using accompanying materials below), I’ll show how to do the expanded definition which will build on the article summary and become part of your Technical Manual. It will also get you thinking about audience a little more which is important for the website and presentation.
  • Instruction Manual (Interim benchmark due date is 6/18, final due date is 7/1): I’ve set up a whole sub-tab for the Instruction Manual assignment where you’ll find a separate video and supporting materials for writing an instruction manual Understanding how to do them is a skill that’s essential for technical writers: technical manuals, users manuals, instruction manuals… there are a whole bunch of them! But it doesn’t quite fit in with the Team Project. So I’ve made it sort of its own thing that you can start now and work on for the rest of this term. There’s an interim benchmark due date above as well as a final due date, but you can deliver them into the Google Drive folder labeled Instruction Manual at any time.