Here is the tentative schedule. The more complete schedules will be available in each week’s Overview under the Weekly Course Work tab.

Week One 5/28-5/30: Set-up and introductions.

  • Video Lesson: go over course materials and scope of course.
  • Join OpenLab and post Introduction – due 6/1 at noon.
  • Fill out Doodle poll to set up optional class meet-ups.
  • Join Perusall and read/annotate the syllabus – due 6/1.
  • Join Slack and leave message on #questions-and-comments channel – due 6/1.

Week Two 6/1-6/7: Initial Team Project Activities.

  • Optional Zoom meet-up 6/1.
  • Video Lesson: How to write a 500-word summary of a technical article. APA formatting. Due 6/9.
  • Team Project work: Teams assigned 6/2. Set up communication strategies and workflow processes. Do Individual Assessment sheets, write Group Charter, prepare Task List/Schedule completed, establish scope of research for 500-word Article Summary and assign preliminary research parameters.
  • Perusall: Read and annotate assignment titled “Thinking about Writing/Audience.”
  • Weekly private OpenLab post due EOD 6/8

Week Three 6/8-6/14: Expanded Definition, Instruction Manuals.

  • Optional Zoom meet-ups 6/8.
  • 500-word article summary due 6/9.
  • Video Lesson: How to write a 750-word Expanded Definition. Due 6/14.
  • Video Lesson: How to write an Instruction Manual. Draft due 6/18 and 7/1.
  • Team Project work: select words for Expanded Definition assignment.
  • Perusall: Read and annotate assignment titled “Proposals.”
  • Weekly private OpenLab post due EOD 6/15

Week Four 6/15-6/20: Technical Research Report, Project Elements

  • Optional Zoom meet-ups 6/15.
  • Draft of Instruction Manual due 6/19.
  • Video Lesson: Writing a Technical Research Report. Doing the individual contributions
  • Team Project work: Begin work on website, divide up 1000-word contributions to technical report, continue other work per team task list/schedule. Individual contributions due 6/22.
  • Perusall: Read and annotate assignment titled “Technical Reports.”
  • Weekly private OpenLab post due EOD 6/21

Week Five 6/22-6/28: Project work

  • Optional Zoom meet-ups 6/22.
  • Video lesson: design and readability, presentations.
  • Team Project work: Continue work on website, technical report, and presentation
  • Perusall: Read and annotate assignment titled “Design & Readability.”

Week Six 6/29-7/1: Complete project deliverables

  • Optional Zoom meet-ups 6/29.
  • Video lesson: final deliverables (project website including technical report and presentation), individual collaborative reflection, instruction manual, any other revisions
  • Team Project work: complete website due 7/1
  • Individual work: collaboration reflection email and Team Evaluation sheet, and any individual assignment revisions due 7/1.
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