This is the week we kick off the Team Projects.

The weekly video will cover how this is going to work (establishing team benchmarks and schedules) and how to write a 500-word article summary (you’ll work with your team to decide what area you want to do this initial bit of research on). And remember — I’ve put this video lecture in Perusall’s Library in the Lectures folder. Watch, leave questions…

Dates for this week:

  • 6/1 at 1:00 pm: Optional Zoom class meet-up to say hello and talk about the class. Link:
  • 6/1 EOD: Everyone puts their ideas for topics/problems on the Padlet. Also be sure you’ve posted your Introduction post on OpenLab.
  • EOD 6/2: I assign groups. I’ll put the names on each team’s folder in the Google Drive and also on the Announcements page. All the documents you’ll need to get your Team set up are in the Team folders.
  • 6/3 or before: Team project kicks off: initial “meetings” on platform of choice. That said, I’ve set Slack up for a reason and made the Zoom link live 24/7, so use them (not everybody is a gamer and understands Discord!). Some benchmark due dates are:
    • EOD 6/3: Individuals fill out Individual Assessment.
    • EOD 6/7:Team Charter and Task/Schedules done. This includes the brainstorming and making assignments for the 500-word article summaries to start your team’s research.
  • EOD 6/7: Perusall: Reading and Annotate assignment “Thinking about Writing & Audience.” You’ll see the instructions when you click on the Assignment. Be sure to Comment on my Prompt which you’ll find when you read the piece.
  • EOD 6/7: Weekly private OpenLab post about whatever is on your mind, questions, and how well the Team Project is going so far. Remember: you can go to Resources -> Course Resources to look at the video on how to post to OpenLab again if you need a reminder.
  • EOD 6/9: 500-word article summary: In the video, and using accompanying materials below, I’ll show how to do the 500-word article summary. Remember: this is meant to help your Team with the basic research for your Technical/Scientific Report.

Link to the Purdue OWL’s section on APA Style. Ignore the ads, just go to the APA Style Manual (in the left-hand menu) and find how to cite your sources.