Hey everyone my name Rakib Azad I am a computer systems major. I like to start off by saying it’s great to meet everyone and also get to know everyone I hope we all have a great and fun summer. I’d like to let you know a little bit about myself and what my interest and hobbies are, firstly I am a Twitch Streamer I’ve been doing this since the beginning of Covid-19 I recently started streaming every day. I play a variety of games online live but recently I have been playing an FPS Shooter called Valornat. One of my other hobbies is swimming I am very passionate about swimming and willing to bet I might be faster than you may think and lastly one of my other hobbies/part-time job is helping and assisting with networking issues and building computers for clients and friends. Also if you would like to come and watch me on twitch my Handel is Satn5x PS: don’t question it