My name is Haifeng Ruan. I’m from China. I think next semester is my last semester at CityTech. My major is Computer system technology. I choose ENG2575 because this is my major requirement. In addition, in the 2021 spring semester, I already choose ENG2575, but I think I had taken too many classes in a semester. So, I drop the class in the 2021 spring semester. For me, I like to play video games because I could get relax in the game. Also, it could reduce the time to go outside because of the covid-19. next year, I think I would find a job that is about database.

this is my favorite game

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I think that was wise, not taking too many classes at once. Video games are definitely a way to relax… if you don’t simply disappear into the world of the game ;-).

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