Hello, everyone. I am Sumiaya Sara. I am a senior, studying computer-system and technology at City Tech. I currently have an internship at Brooklyn Navi yard, working with their IT team. I decided to take this class to enhance my writing skills. Some of my hobbies are web development, gaming, and watching Netflix. My favorite game currently is League of Legends. My favorite show right now is “Who killed Sara?” I live in the Bronx but I wish to move to another state after I graduate and get a job. I hope you guys have a great summer!

Best Free YouTube Courses for Programming in Java | ITIGIC
This is my favorite programming language.
Everything I Know About Who Killed Sara on Netflix | by Rui Alves | FanFare  | Apr, 2021 | Medium
My favorite show. Highly recommend.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    So great that you have an internship! I’ve only seen the first episode of Who Killed Sara? but it’s definitely on my list.

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