My favorite podcasts

Hello class, my name is Ibrahim Barry. I’m 21 and I am majoring in Computer Systems Technology with my goal to break into the cybersecurity field. I work part-time at Stop & Shop and also find importance in leveling up financially, physically, spiritually, mentally, socially, and emotionally. This is why I love the two podcasts displayed above. They have really helped me to attain these 6 attributes and to become the best version of myself. I enjoy exercising, reading books, playing video games, and watching crimes shows like S.W.A.T, F.B.I, and F.B.I. Most Wanted on CBS.


  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I love podcasts, too. It’s amazing how much they contribute to us. And they’re great to listen to while doing other things like exercising or (day I say it?) washing dishes. And my goodness, do we need people in cybersecurity! Good for you.

  2. Quincy

    Welcome Ibrahim! Those are some important attributes to work in order to have a sustainable and fulfilling life.

  3. Jacquelyn Blain

    Hi again. I just saw this on CNN — you’re in a good field!

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