Introductions- Quincy

Hello class. I wish everyone a happy summer and safety as the city begins to reopen since the pandemic. My name is Quincy Luckett. You can call me Quincy. I am a Btech student majoring in Networking and Security. Taking this class was a last-minute decision but doing so will accelerate my expected graduation date. This is my first time enrolling in a summer class. I worry if it will be too much after having just completed rough semester. After this summer session, I will have only two more semesters before graduating- that is my motivation! I am excited to finish this degree and break into the Information Technology field. I work for the New York City Police Department doing clerical work. I would like to get a position in the IT department where I work. I enjoy gaming. I favor RPG and fighting games. After graduating, I also plan on honing my programming skills.  The IT field is vast, and I find myself curious in other paths within it.   While I enjoy my major, I would like to improve my programming skills and learn of the technology used in video game development.  I am from, Spanish Harlem, however I have lived in Brooklyn most of my life.  I this image is my avatar from the bitmoji app. I think it’s cool and looks the way I imagine I would in a cartoon.


  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Who’s there? So glad to have you with us. I’m a sort-of gamer — like interactive fiction/adventure games on the PC (love Firewatch! need a Switch for Zelda…). I’ve actually been co-teaching a class about developing videogames (for non-computer science/tech majors), and we’re making an RPG this summer, which should be fun. I hope I can make this class so you don’t go too crazy this summer. There’s a lot to do, but we’ll roll with it! And as if you can’t tell, I love your image!

    • Quincy

      Thank you! Although most of my gaming is on a console, I am a big fan of Everquest on PC; its been out since 1999. It is awesome that you’re co-teaching a videogame development class. I would love to pick your brain about the process.

      • Jacquelyn Blain

        I actually teach the narrative/story development part of it, but ask away! I may have to get my co-teacher to give me the answers, but no problem!

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