The story I want to share about my past year is how the pandemic was able to change my life. It was positive and negative and it allowed me to mature more as a person and I want to share my experiences with everyone. Some genres examples that I was interested in was a podcast. I seen so many youtubers and people that I looked up to, would do a podcast and it allowed them to share a story and it was very interesting to me. But the one i want to do is the photo essay I feel that with a photo and someone who can follow along with me its going to be something interesting to read and very inspiring. This allows me to share my own story and talk about my emotions and let it all out. During the pandemic so many events happened and I will never forget it and this is why i want to share my personal experiences with everyone.

This link is something I saw that gave me the perfect idea. I felt that I can write something like this, but with my personal experiences and it will be really good. Overall I felt that this is going to be something good and emotional for me because of what I will be writing but its something new and I’m going to enjoy it.