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Mini Proposal: Austin Vegas

I have changed a decent amount during this time that we had during quarantine, I’ve seen some of my former friendships end before the pandemic so a majority of the time I didnt have much people to talk to besides those who are close to me.

This is where a social media app called Discord comes into play, where people come together for various things such as gaming, anime and many other ways of entertainment. During this time I learned more on how to communicate with others in a better way that I thought before the pandemic started.

I will be talking about communication that I had during this pandemic which challenged me to have to find better ways of socializing with others which I will be doing a photo essay on. *This may be tweaked soon

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I think this is an interesting idea — how have we had to re-think how we connect with each other? Hmmm. Podcast might be interesting, talking to other people about their experiences with that (?). Not sure what a photo essay would look like, but Discord certainly plays a part in this somewhere.

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