1. What I will always remember about this year is being mostly indoors while going through the pandemic.
2. The truth is, I spent most of this year indoors.
3. Some images that will stay with me this year are some places I been for necessities such as the pharmacy and the supermarket.
4. Some songs and musical compositions that matters most to me during this year are the inspiration ones and the relaxing ones.
5. Some things I've celebrated in spite of the hard times have been my birthday that happen indoors, and stay with the people I live with and did not invite anybody.
6.  A. A thing that had an impact on racism was the use of excessive force on black people by various cops.
 B. I am not sure what acts of kindness I can write about.
7. During times like these it depends when and what are you laughing about. Because I think that people should not joke about people going through going certain difficulties, people losing their lives, and etc.

I am not sure what to talk about for the project yet.