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The climate of a place has it’s effects on many factors. These factors can be biotic or abiotic. For example: if the climate of a place is hot, the plclimateants which survive in that place are specifically adapted to such. The animals belonging to hot areas differ greatly in their structures, diet, lifestyles etc. Even plants belonging to hot areas differ from those belonging to colder areas. Though in the current scenario there is a transition going on throughout the globe in terms of climate, the effects of such will be longstanding.

To observe or study the effects of climate change, a few causes or factors are to be considered in detail. For example, the vegetation of a place. Vegetation refers to plant cover of a given area. The abundance of coconut population near the sea shore, the existence of conifers in the hilly areas, cactus or succulent plants in desert areas are examples of vegetation. These vegetations are greatly influenced by climate of the particular place. Due to a trend in urbanisation, there has been great deforestation over the past few decades. This has caused a change in the water cycle of the concerned area. Plants are responsible for Transpiration which is the loss of pure water in the form of vapour through the aerial exposed parts of a plant during daytime. Not only that, plants do take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen as a by-product during the process of photosynthesis.If there is large scale deforestation, the number of plants will significantly decrease which will in turn increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a green house gas . It depletes the ozone layer thereby allow the harmful UV rays of the sun to enter the earth’s atmosphere. These UV rays are cancerous. Besides, exess Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is responsible for green house effect which traps the heat of te sun. As a consequence, there is an increase in the global temperature and if this continues, melting of polar ice caps will become inevitable. The water level will rise causing flooding as well as the ecology of many places will change..

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    This is all interesting, but I don’t know what you’re proposing to write about, or for what audience, or in what publication. We need to talk about this.

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