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This problem is important to me and other people because If I wasn’t hearing bad things about myself, I wouldn’t think I’m a bad person, I can’t do this, I am not going to do it”. Whereas if no one said anything bad about me, I would push myself harder into doing things and knowing that I can do it, no matter what happens I will do it but I just can’t. And the Racism can cause a lot of damage to both individuals and communities.And Racism makes me question myself and why things have to be this way.I wondered one day what it would be like to be white and how much better my life would probably be. That was a low point.and the historical and contemporary policies, practices, and norms that create and maintain white supremacy.and I like to way for me to speak about in black history so I want to dig deeper and find the underrated events and people to talk about them.African American came into use to highlight that the experiences of the people here reflect both their origins in the African continent and their history on the American continent.and my second problem food security so i thought only 3rd country have problem in food because .in Bangladesh i show lot’s of problem some don’t have food they eats only 1time or sometime they drinks only water.but now I see all countries has problem.also in America I was surprised because 2018 me and my friend walking then I show one old women. And she called me and she said can you give me some money? I didn’t eat for 2day because I don’t have money. Then I give her some money.so food problems are a big problem for everyone.The report identified a multitude of food-security problems including hunger, obesity, malnutrition, low crop yields, inadequate food storage, poor sanitation and related political instability.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    So are you going to be writing about Bangladesh? If you are, that would be really interesting — Americans think of racism as mostly a black/white issue, and don’t think about other cultures (naturally). So if that’s going to be your focus, I think you have the makings of some good pieces.

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