Chill, I want to relax a sentence that gives me a lot of time and always keep your pressure. It gives me to take a break something make can’t solve question comeback with more brainstorm. Another time that can spend time with a friend. I love to chill with other friends and family It makes me forget everything about work or housework. It gives me a good relaxed day no need to stress much gain back a lot of energy when you are tired. After that got full of the energies back to work don’t have any issue with the stress. I see my mother works hard every day simply come home I want to relax, let her reduce work pressure and watch TV another day. For me if I want to know the problem. People say that the cold sometimes loses your control, but if you take a break for about 10 minutes, people will re-engage in strength without being tested or sleepy due to exams or books II don’t always ask for exams. I sleep on exams after the break. I can relax and relax, and then put more energy into testing. Chilling is not a bad thing, it can help you strengthen your body and brain Use too much power and mind It may be trying all day .That’s why i like to relax It gives me a lot of time to relax and give me more time to think. It can restore more ideas without problems due to work or engagement.