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The word i have chosen for this assignment is ‘diversity’ its a pretty common word and i think everyone who speak English can understand the meaning of it but i strongly believe that not everyone knows how if feels like not being represented enough as a plus size girl in the media, as a part of both the black and plus size community inclusivity is really important. For us Diversity is not about adding one black girl or one plus size girl into a group, diversity is about people of all cultures and background, sizes and sexualities together, i think it’s impressive how 2 different community struggles with the same issue of not getting enough representation either in the media, at school, through clothing etc… Personally, I enjoy seeing girls that look like me on the Tv, it is sad and unfortunate that there isn’t a lot plus size girl representation in movies and Tv shows. i can barely name 10 good plus size characters that are well written, not based around stereotypes or the whole story doesn’t revolve around the fact that they are insecure, they hate themselves blah blah blah. It’s always the same negative narrative and I would love for that to change. The word diversity does not necessarily belong to those two community, most people will be able to somehow relate to not being seen or being included as a part of certain specific group but i would love my audience to understand what it feels like not being represented in the media through the sole perspective of a black plus size girl and how does “fails plus size inclusion” affect society. 

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Wonderful. A very interesting way to approach this word that is so current.

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