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Words – Samara Fletcher

When thinking about a word or phrase I’d write about from my discourse community, it would be “art block”. I’m sure there are other words or phrases to choose from but for now, this is what comes to mind. I chose “art block” because with this phrase I’m able to share somewhat of a heartfelt story to my readers about experiencing these moments of uninspiration. Many people not only apart of the digital art community, but the art community as a whole has experienced this. Even writers get stumped with creativity and get “writers block”. “Art Block” is important to me because as a hobbyist who wishes for this to be my second profession, I want to always improve no matter what. And “art block” is an obstacle that effect artists mentally and physically, it turns something that should be “fun” to something nerve-wrecking and stressful. I’d like for my readers to know how “art block” is very frustrating to go through and that it’s absolutely pressuring to maintain an online relevance or presence. This topic will actually go deeper than that and touch the many thoughts and feelings of artists who go through this. I think I will use a similar technique Diaz uses in his article, because he connects his word to each paragraph in order, it’s almost like he’s storytelling and I think that kind of writing is very compelling and effective towards the readers.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    This sounds fascinating. I never thought about art blocks, but creativity certainly does have its issues no matter what area. Looking forward to this.

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