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Names Jalixsa

My name is Jalixsa, not a lot of many people can say they’ve heard that name because i’ve never heard of anyone with that specific name. I have heard of julissa or jalissa but never Jalixsa. Growing up i hated new school years or attendance with substitutes because i was faced with embarrassment of having the teachers pronounce my name wrong. I dreaded having people mispronounce my name. Another thing i hated growing up with my name is never seeing my name on the keychains. magnets or mugs at gift shops. I felt like i could always find my family members names’ but never my own. As i got older i realized that my name was unique and that it was actually cool having a name that wasn’t common. With time i started getting more compliments of my name as well as people interested in how i got my name. Today, my name is still mispronounced and misspelled most of the times but i try to correct people or just simply let it be, i have learned to love my name for what it is. My influence on school has changed overtime, school felt like an obligation, thats how i always saw it, but once i graduated high school i had the option to either work or go to college. I choose college because i wanted to, i wanted to have a degree and open my options. Today i am a young mom to a 1 year old, and i feel like i want to get a degree so that i can progress for my child and I. My family. has been very supportive on what i want to do for my life, as long as i try to better myself for me. Having my son has made me feel more motivated to make goals and accomplish them and to push forward no matter how hard the road can get. Learning how to move forward no matter how rocky the road can get is something that i feel everyone should learn to do.


  1. Mariam Chutlashvili

    Hi Jalixsa! I think it is a beautiful name. I am sure I can pronounce it well because we have a names like Xatuna, Xvicha and so on. Where does your name come from? and does it have a meaning?

    • Jalixsa Muentes

      Thank you so much, and honestly I’m not sure where my name comes from, my family is from Ecuador but I was given my moms middle name, she always wanted to name her daughter after her so that’s what she did πŸ™‚

  2. Jacquelyn Blain

    I’m with Miriam: I love your name and would really love to hear you pronounce it some time. I also have to say “good for you” for taking in school while raising a one-year-old. I’ve always said being a mother is the hardest best job you’ll ever have, and our children are such incredible motivators — I got out of a bad marriage because I didn’t want my daughter to be raised in a toxic environment, and I’m so glad I did. You have all my respect!

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