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Final revision ideas-Jorge Rivas

I feel like most of the work I have done it is not the best one, but I want to fix all those mistakes I have done and do a good work. I want my writing to be clear so the people who read it can easily understand what want to communicate them by my writing. I like the fact of writing about things of my life since it is easier for me to do it because when I’m writing about it I got more and more ideas every minute, I understand that I have mistakes when writing and I want to fix them and getting better with my writing.

I think to do better on my Final Portfolio I have to organize more my time and spend more time thinking in new ideas to write about and learn new strategies to make a good writing and not get my audience bored because that is the worst thing that can happen. I also want to get a reflection after doing my portfolio since it is good to get that and in that way you get to know that some people would get a reflection with your writing too. I want to get a better and not commit many grammar mistakes as I do now. I don’t want my writing to be so long and boring because I understand that when a writing is boring nobody would read it even if it is my own writing I wouldn’t read it if it’s boring. I would like to add images or use figurative language so the readers can understand what my main idea is.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Here’s my big comment/suggestion for you, and it’s what Donald Murray talks about in “The Maker’s Eye” — read your writing out loud and listen to how the sentences are working. Go slowly and listen for the pauses: if your voice goes down or you completely stop, that’s usually a period. If it goes up, that’s usually a comma. What you’re writing is very good; it just needs some help making it easier for the reader. We’ll work on this one-on-one.

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