Many people nowadays get their information online, whether its Facebook, instagram, or even YouTube. Considering we are living in a time where technology is all around us and it is advancing; this is no surprise. But one thing people always tend to forget is that not everything we see online is true and reliable.

By not going out and doing further research on a topic we see online we are in danger of relying on a single source. An example of a single source causing harm would be a rumor being spread online. Maybe someone started a lie as a joke or maybe just because they heard someone say something. But once something begins to spread its easy for someone to get hurt because of this rumor. This can change someones image and the way they are viewed by others. By just listening to the other points of view like in this example the person the rumor is about we will be able to find the other side of the story. By being able to keep an open mind and not blindly believing the first thing we hear we avoid spreading misinformation that can potentially harm people.

Something we can do to avoid the danger of a single story is by staying informed through reliable sources like the news channel or reading the newspaper. We can also always do our own research when we find a topic of interest.