After looking through my work, I noticed that I made a lot of mistakes when writing. There were a lot of little mistakes such as the grammar and wording. Also whenever I write I notice that it is that fluid. Sometimes I just connect 2 sentences that don’t really make sense next to each other. Other times the wording seems off. I feel like I can use words that let my writing sound organized and well planned. One way I can fix my revisions would be to re-read my work. Whenever I am done writing a brief paragraph or even an essay, I could probably look for any mistakes that I have made. Maybe even re-reading it twice or three times can help. To complete my portfolio, I would have to re-read most of the work that I have done and probably try to fix any of my mistakes. Whenever I decide to write, I will try to be more fluid. This could help readers understand the text more and won’t make them bored. Another thing would be improving my diction. My wording for many of the things I write doesn’t sound that good and I would like to try to improve that. The last thing would just be the minor grammar mistakes that I make. I could probably just look at what I wrote and ask myself if I think anything is wrong with it.