Week of Dec 6-12

Mon Dec 6

Commenting on the Unit 3 post about single sources of information (uploading to the Drive). Introduction to the Final Portfolio. Revisiting the term.


WRITE: OpenLab post of 250 words about what you need to do to create your Final Portfolio. To do this, you need to review your work from this term and make notes on what you want to do to revise things. Then briefly think through what you need to do to revise things. Category: Final Revision Ideas

Wed Dec 8

Discuss revising. Writing a SFD of your Final Reflection.


WRITE: finish the SFD of your Final Reflection. Upload into the Google Drive folder labeled Final Reflection Drafts.

PREPARE questions about your Unit 1 and Unit 2 assignments for conferences next week

Week of Dec 13-19

Mon Dec 13

Questions about the Final Portfolio and Final Reflection. Workshop Final Reflection.

Wed Dec 15

Final meeting. Conferences as needed. The Final Graffiti Wall.

HW: Portfolio due EOD Mon Dec 20.

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