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Odalys Garcia Hw

The work I have done this semester showed both great work and areas that need improvement. The piece of work I was most proud of is my education narrative because I have never written something like this before and enjoyed it very much. My education narrative essay does need improvement where I need to add a bit more details and expand on my story. I need to analyze which parts need more details and maybe move certags around to make the essay better. The topic for my ted talk was very interesting and I enjoyed doing research and writing about it. It does need work because there are more things I can add to my ted talk in order to finalize it. My single story draft was very enjoyable to write because the ted talk we watched on it was very interesting and true. There are dangers of a single story and writing about it as well as finding real world examples of this allowed me to widen my perspective. My draft does need improvement on expanding it, like adding more details and examples. I will revise my work by reading them over and over again until I’m satisfied with them. By reviewing my work multiple times I will be able to fix anything that is wrong or dosen’t feel right. Also I will add more details to my work in order to get more ideas across. Overall, there are areas of improvement in my work that I will revise and resolve.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I actually think you’re in good shape at this point. As I said in my note at the bottom of your education narrative, you just need to keep going! It’s a great story — it simply needs more examples and making sure your “so what?” (the main point) is as strong as you want it to be.

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