Today we are exposed to various sources of information like books, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, databases, and the internet. These sources of information were not always available to us back then so it’s important to take advantage of these sources and expand our learning and widen our perspective. There are incidents where people focus on a single source of information to gain knowledge. This can be very dangerous because relying on a single source of information can cause you to limit your learning and perspective. 

       The dangers of relying on a single source of information can cause you to have unreliable information, believe biased statements that aren’t true, and have a limited perspective on topics. Only reading from a single source can arise harmful stereotypes and untrue statements. We can solve the dangers of relying on a single source or story by expanding our sources of information. Reading books, magazines and encyclopedias that are written by various authors widens our information which can alternate the way we think and view the word. Instead of relying on one website from the internet or database we can expand to other websites and databases. Gaining information from various sources can widen knowledge and make us rethink our opinions or perspectives on a certain topic that may prove to be untrue. We can see that widening our sources of information is beneficial to our learning and development. Being able to see various sources on a topic you thought you knew a lot about can make you learn more and widen your perspective because you are able to see more sides of the story.