The risks that area taken when one gathers information from a single source, The danger of getting information from a single source, puts the search in the position of being exposed to misinformation, rumors, fake news, and propaganda. In one article called, ” Benefits and Risks of single sourcing “, it explains the good and bad about using a single source, not just the bad. One of the risks were, ” Ford (4).
In 1998, supply problems at Ford resulted in the temporary, three-day shutdown of the Fiesta and Puma manufacturing facilities in Cologne and Dagenham, Germany. The source of the supply problem was a computer glitch at Ford’s provider of door and trunk latches. Those three days cost Ford approximately £70 million in labor costs and the production of about 7000 vehicles. ”,Puma%20manufacturing%20facilities%20in%20Cologne%20and%20Dagenham%2C%20Germany. Not only does single sourcing cost people money which leads to time and availability being wasted.

Another reason as to why it is bad, is how gullible we can be if we only depend on that one source. Without outside information and proof/creditability to back up our source we can only use what we see. The phrase, “seeing is believing” is often used in these circumstances, however not everything that we see on the surface is always true. This is why we must delve deeper and find hidden meanings and missed clues on what we consume in our media. Another source that explains my reasonings, states it here.