With the technological improvements in the 21st century, all age groups are exposed to sources everyday unlike the 20th century where all what you had as sources we the radio and the newspaper, today the televisions and social media on devices like watches and phones has helped with the distribution of credible sources everyday. Although these sources are abundantly available to the people, some still focus on having one source which isn’t safe. As the saying goes words spread like wildfire, with having one source of information can lead to misdirection of people in your environment because humans communicate everyday about what is happening in our world. During the start of the pandemic social media was the one of the only places where people could interact effectively because of the quarantine we had to go through, although it made some of our lives more livelier it also created an environment that misled people about the coronavirus. Facebook and Instagram were one of the apps where people lingered around a lot during quarantine and right wing communities used that opportunity to exploit people on these apps about how the virus was just a government creation, how the vaccines weren’t made for their own good, and how the virus is just a flu that can be cured by home remedies(bleach). https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/12/media/fox-news-coronavirus/index.html. As the article goes you can see how Fox News has misled many of its viewers which has ended most of them facing federal trouble from creating fake vaccine cards, some even being band from places because they didn’t follow their covid regulations and also people dying because they didn’t believe the virus was real.