There’s never a bad reason to look into something more than you have to. Having more than one source of information is important because information can be misleading and can cause a lot more problems then should be created if you only look at one source. If you only ever look into something with only one source you take what the one source of information says as the truth and you wouldn’t question that there could be another story or another side to the problem. Another problem with single sources is they can be dangerous and even create racist mindsets because if a source of information says something is evil and you don’t look at the other side or look more into it you with have a mindset that because what the sources says is the truth then what they say should not be questioned so that thing is evil. Its always good to have more then one source because sometimes sources will leave things out or make the situation a lot more different then it seems which is dangers cause it can cause people to have a dangerous mindset. The benefits of multiple sources range from having multiple opinions which can help give you a picture of what’s happening but can also show you the difference between sources and what other sources left out which can help you to not use sources like that so you always get the full story instead of a half baked one that’s being controlled by someone’s agenda.