As the saying goes, too much of one thing is never good. Today we have so many options available to us, in terms of where we get our information and daily news. Sadly, not everyone believes in these sources of information and may only stick to a few in the long run as the main source of their information. Anyone who disagrees with a story or article will label it as biased and ruin the credibility of that news source for other people. The problem with people doing this is that it ruins the perspective of the bigger picture that the article is trying to depict. It creates confusion amongst people and only misinforms the public. The other reason people have a hard time picking more than one is cause most newspapers have an agenda that they want to push, creating a divide amongst the people. However, sticking to only one source of news or information is also a bad thing. Depending on what agenda your source is trying to push, you may be misinformed on certain topics to fit your sources agenda. This lack of actual facts and details may cause you to spread this misinformation, which then misinforms other people, creating misinformed people that will continue to spread this information. The lack of being able to fact-check your single source of information is also a bad thing. Having multiple sources of information on a topic allows you to check every source and see if they all correlate with each other. This allows you to check which sources have messed with information to better fit their own agendas and this allows you to choose which sources you rather get your information from.Β