Single Sources of information is when people go to a single source to get their information such as Wikipedia. To them this may be efficient however, it is a bad practice. This is bad because you aren’t really seeing the full view of the argument. Meaning, your only getting one source and not multiple sources. When doing research, people go to multiple sources to show that those multiple sources support their claim while compared to a single source, its not a good look because it only shows that one source supports your claim which can make the claim being made invalid and not really factual.

However, when it comes to single source of news information, that is even worse. When listening to only one source of news for information, you can get mislead most times based on what you hear. For example, some news channels don’t say the whole truth and if the person listening only listen to that news source, they can have a different view compared to the people who listen to other multiple news sources. Listening to a single source is bad because its like listening to a rumor. I can be true and I probably can’t be true. How do we know if we can trust them. Are they a reliable source. Was there anyone else with them at that time and moment. The place in which people get their information could be potentially lying to you and are just doing it to get attention and fame. This can then lead to the person who got lied to feel embarrassed because they didn’t do their research on the topic before them and just made themselves look like a fool.

There is also school projects. When doing a school project, its always a bad idea to get information from one source because on a professional scale, that just looks bad and makes it seem as if you were lazy. When you use multiple sources, you make yourself look great because not only did you put hard work into your project, but it shows how many people support your claim compared to only a single source of information. One key example is a debate. When doing a debate you want to have at least 3-4 sources that can help you. That way, you can have the judges choose you because of all the sources you dug up and put into your debate speech. If you were to only have 1 source of information during a debate, then you completely threw the case. No one is going to vote for someone who only used one source of information for their debate because it shows that your claim is bad and no one generally supports it. That is why people use multiple sources; because they want to prove their point clearly that people have to listen to their side because they have 4-5 sources supporting the claim they are making.

However, there are some upside of single sources of information. One such upside is you don’t have to complicate situations. When people look at multiple sources, the complicate the scenario which could potentially be very small and its their fault for overcomplicating it because of all the sources they went to find. However when you have inly one source, you don’t really overcomplicate it. Its almost as stress free as writing a sentence. When you write down your sources, people with multiple sources have to write down all the sources they found which can cause there writing to be unorganized. However, when you have only one source, your paper will look much more organized compared to others.

In my opinion, I personally think that single source information is bad and dangerous because it really doesn’t look good. It just looks bad only having one source of information. Heck, that possible single source of information maybe be fake and is just there so people can just click the link. Moreover, as I stated before, having only one source of information in a professional stand point just doesn’t really look good. It looks as if you were a kid and just scribbled random stuff onto the paper. When you doing research, you have to get multiple sources. You need more than one person to back you up just incase some makes a really good counter claim. If you only have one piece of source material then you can’t really do much because well you only have one source. However when you have multiple then you can rebuttal them back.

In conclusion, it is now clear that using only single source information is bad because not only can you get misled by it, but it can also be false. Moreover, having only one source during an argument is bad because it shows that not many people support your point however, having one source can keep you from making your statement unorganized.