The danger of getting information from a single source, I believe there is a lot of consequences of getting information of just one source. One of the worst ones that I believe is killing someone because of not getting all the truth, since in one source the person who is accusing someone can hear or read “that person killed him” but we have not clue if it is true or not and if you check in other sources you can see that it is not true what you have read. This happens in a lot of cases that what we read in one source it is not true and the other source show us the truth. As you can see in this video a state trooper was accused of something that he didn’t do and then using more sources to get the truth they find out that he was not guilty and they lived him free. I believe it is not fair to put someone in jail if they are not sure or the information they got it is not clear. I think they have to first use more sources to find out the truth and then accused him of guiltiness.

Another case that I saw in Facebook was the case of a child that was accused of killing his step-mom who was about to have a baby. That boy received a penalty and was sent to jail for life imprisonment, the police sent him to jail without specific proofs that he was the one who killed her, the only proof they had was a gun that the boy had that his father give him. When the boy was arrested he said that he saw and strange car outside of his house but hi didn’t found that weird since there where people working there and he thought it was a worker. I believe this is a good example of the danger of just getting information from a single source. That boy spent all his childhood in jail in the age of 21 he was proved innocent because the guy hi saw in the strange car was the one who killed the stepmom of Jordan Brown, hi killed with the gun of Jordan so the police couldn’t notice that was him. That man in the strange car was the ex boyfriend of the stepmom of Jordan. And that is why it is not good to just have information of a single source. Here is the video of Jordan Brown who is the kid that was accused guilty of the murder of his step-mom for lack of information and then proved innocent because the police find out that who killed her was another person.

There are many cases of this type and now that we have more different sources for getting information we can see many sides for an incident and it is difficult to know who is telling the truth and who is laying. Now with the famous app TikTok I saw that different people upload incidents and in some videos they say that something happens and in other videos we can see different details of that incident but we don’t know which of them is true unless other sources like the news show us the truth.

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About a month or two ago, when a famous actor of Mexico die, in Tiktok many people uploaded videos telling why he die. Many people said that he killed himself and other people said that he got killed for criminals that where trying to to rob him and the police started to follow them and they killed him. In the other side in Twitter other people uploaded videos saying that the police was chasing him and the police started shooting him and he die because the police killed him. What I know by looking at those videos is that it is difficult to see what was the reason of his dead. The only way to know the truth is by looking for more information in other sources since if they use the same sources they would get the same answers and they would not get the truth.

In my own experience when I was in High school I received an assignment of talking about a topic in my class. I did the assignment and I did my stuff that I was going to present, I was so confident about my presentation that I thought I was going to do well on it. When I finished my presentation my teacher called me and told me that my presentation was organized but it was poor in information. He told me to pay attention to every source I found so I could get a better presentation next time, since I had one idea and poor details of the topic I was going to talk about, if I will used more sources for my presentation I would have a better and more detailed presentation, by this I learned the danger of getting information from a single source and how can affect someone or something in this case I was affected because my grade went down.