Why are you interested in this topic?  Feel free to talk about your own personal experience with the topic, or to tell an anecdote about your experience with this subject matter. 

I am interested in the topic the society because most of the things that happen around the world is build society by us humans which change us and how we interact with one another. Another reason why society is an interesting topic is well I’d say that it is important and it certainly gives us a framework to certainly work together. Also we as all human beings can discuss how society serves a good support system in life in general including the inputs and outputs which I think its going to be an interesting topic which my audience would invest into listening while I present this to them.

What are you expecting research to do for you in creating your Talk? Provide information and support for your ideas? Give you some new perspectives? Generate interesting/useful images? Give you good quotes?

The research that I expect from my particular topic is found to be an attention grabber because their are questions like what makes a society the way it is and how can society change us human being when time passes on also what are the certain groups found in society. Absolutely discuss what are the positive affects and the negative affects and show images what people think of when thinking of the word society.

What will you do if you find information that goes completely against what you had expected to find? Will you throw it out? Will you talk about it anyway? Will you challenge your own assumptions?

If I find information/research that goes against of what I have expected then its going to be alright due for me to point it out when I as the presenter is presenting and have my own opinions on it and to compare and contrast everything that I have covered which in the end will be interesting and see many perspectives from articles to citations from people on all about society. I may as well challenge my own assumptions due to if I have doubts with research I find that needs addressing and is something I therefore highly disagree with during when I present also explicit images that catches the audience eyes and think into more of my mindset and energy that I will be sharing.