The topic I will be covering is how video games can influence a persons life. To be honest, I am interested in this topic because I want to hear how some people were affected by video games. Personally, video games have a huge impact on who I am today. One such video game is The Legends of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It made me realize that when we were kids, we were innocent and to us the world was filled with happiness. However, when we get older we actually see how the world actually is and its dark secrets it holds that was blind to our child like eyes.

When researching, I am expecting to find some proof that video game can affect peoples life’s in a good and positive way. However while I’m researching, I am also hoping to find other peoples point of views on the ways video games can affect a person life. As for the images I’m using, they will be to give visual evidence on what the video game looks like. I will also put some inspiring quotes on how video games affect a persons life.

If I find information that goes up against what I believe, I will talk about it. I will give credit on what they said because hey every persons opinion matters, however I will also disagree with them and prove that they are incorrect. I will not change what I believe in because my mind is made up. I want to prove that there is good in video games. People just need to see/think harder when playing games. They need to embrace its reality.