The topic I will be talking about would be global warming. I do not have any personal experiences with it, but I have some sort of knowledge about it. I do know that anyone who transports with a vehicle is a source of global warming. I’ve seen many videos/documentaries about how climate change has affected the world. I still have many questions about this topic and I hope this upcoming Ted Talk will help me solve that.

I am expecting my research to be most of my TedTalk. Global warming includes a lot of statistics that would help me inform the audience. Information like deforestation, fossil fuels, greenhouse gases, etc, will support the talk. I think this talk would give me a better understanding about global warming and where it is currently at. Some of the images that I would choose would be the ones that have been affected the most, such as barren forests or polluted water.

If I happen to find information that goes against what I expect I will add it to my talk. I would probably mention it and talk about it but follow it up with some points that can go against it. Challenging my own information would only make the talk better. It would give people a sense that you actually understand your topic.