The topic for my ted talk will be the evolution of cell phones. Specifically the various models of cell phones throughout the years and how its upgrades have affected civilians during that time. I am interested in this topic because everyone has had or used a cell phone, but not everyone realizes how lucky we are to have such a developed piece of technology to use. Personally I do own a cell phone and it has affected my life because the usage of technology has made my life easier. I would like to know how we got to this point by informing the audience on the history or development of the cell phone and how it has affected us.

Some information that I plan on using is the different models of cell phones. Also, how the upgrades of phones have affected civilians. I can search up statistical data on the purchases of cell phones and explain why people are willing to buy certain cell phones at a high price. Useful images I can use are different models of the cell phones I plan to talk about. For example, pics of a cord phone, flip phone, or iphone.

If I find information that goes against what I am trying to say then I will try to address that in my ted talk. For example, I am mostly leading towards talking about the positive effects the evolution of cell phones have had on civilians but if I come across negative effects then I will discuss them in my ted talk. Discussing opposing information can make your ted talk stronger if you manage to rebuttal the contradicting information. I will consider changing my whole topic if the contradicting information completely outweighs my topic and I can’t figure out how to use this information to my advantage but hopefully that won’t happen.