I think when James said that “the world is larger” he wanted to tell us that we might have many problems in our daily life as students. We might have problems like racism and differences with other students and teachers but we need to fight. But not fighting physically, we need to fight emotionally because it is hard to hear how students kill themselves because of problems they have at school and they left all of their opportunities in this world just because they opened their minds and ears to listen to all the bad things people say about them. When he said “the world is larger he give’s us an example of how big our problems would be, therefore we don’t have to give up and ask for help. One of the most easier ways to get help with that kind of problems if telling our fathers and they would help us.

One one thing that I have the necessity to learn more about is art and by art I specially want to learn how to draw like a professional. Drawing is one of the things I’m passionate with as music, but drawing it is my favorite topic. when I was a little kid I started drawing and my dad saw that I was good at that and he bought me drawing paper and color pencils because he wanted me to get better draws since he knew I had the capacity to achieve that. I was so happy because I didn’t even got any art classes, even in all my years at school I didn’t received any art class and I’m sad about that. I believe students might get an art class or just those students that have the same need as me and in that way they can improve in their abilities, however I continue drawing not as much as I did it on the past but I I had learned new techniques but looking at YouTube videos.